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Super Design

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Super Design

Turn your ideas into something special with Super Design!

Our dedicated team can bring your unique vision to life or create something exceptional based on your preferences. Our Super Design package offers a personalized experience, covering initial creation and future adjustments for the perfect design journey!

How Does It Work?

Begin your journey by following the instructions below to get started


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Submit your request effortlessly through the form located at the bottom of the page.



Witness your vision transform into a stunning design with our expert team.



Finalize your order once satisfied, and your special creation will be ready for you to enjoy!

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For a truly astonishing result, your collaboration is key! Provide us with all your logos, graphic sketches, preferred color schemes, and detailed style preferences. Share insights about your team, allowing us to tailor the design to your unique vision.

  • Ready-to-Print Graphic: If you already have a print-ready graphic sketch, complete with logo and graphic elements in a suitable printing format (vector).
  • Social Profile or Website Design: If you’ve spotted a design on our social profiles (e.g., Instagram) or website that isn’t available in the configurator, making direct purchase impossible.
  • Transferring Graphics: If you wish to transfer a graphic from one product (e.g., Kit Basket) seen on our website to another product (e.g., Kit Soccer).
For all other scenarios, the purchase of a “Super Design Pack” for graphic processing is required. Our graphic department will provide the necessary information after receiving your request.”

Our graphics department will handle your request, encompassing the following processes:

  • Preview Creation: We’ll craft an initial preview based on the information provided through the form.
  • Graphic Optimization: Ensuring the graphic aligns seamlessly with the product, optimized for printing.
  • Realistic Rendering: Utilizing advanced 3D modeling software for a lifelike representation.
  • Modification and Color Variations: We’re here to make further adjustments and explore color variations upon your request.
  • Dedicated Support: Fast and dedicated support throughout the process.

Please note, the product cost will be available after the graphic creation process is complete. Any additional services, such as logo processing or sending print files, will be quoted upon request.

We typically respond to additional information requests within a few hours. Graphic elaboration timelines, depending on complexity, range from approximately 1 to 3 working days.

In case of emergencies, please specify, and we’ll prioritize your request whenever possible.

All logos and graphics must be submitted in vector format (SVG, AI, EPS, PDF). If available, Illustrator or Photoshop project files are also accepted. In the absence of vector files, please obtain them from the logo creator. Alternatively, provide logos and images in the highest definition possible (300dpi).

*Note: Optimal print quality cannot be guaranteed for low-definition images.”

Fill out the request form

Please provide a detailed description of your project, specifying the chosen model, colors, and the desired positioning of logos and graphics. Requests not meeting these criteria will not be processed.

Super Design Pack

Upon purchasing this service, you will receive full support from our team of designers for the comprehensive graphic development of your uniform.

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