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Understanding Our Agreement

Terms & Conditions

Discharge of responsibility

The visual representations provided by Houlla Custom Studio Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Houlla”) are meticulously crafted to closely mirror reality. However, we cannot guarantee an absolute match between the visuals, including fabrics and colors, and the actual garments.

While Houlla assures the precision of technical file elements, such as decoration placement (within a tolerance of plus or minus ½ inch), logos, and fabrics used, we do not assume responsibility for the quality of products post-use.

Houlla explicitly disclaims any liability associated with logo usage, emphasizing that customers are required to secure all necessary authorizations for the utilization of logos.

Quality Standards

At Houlla, we uphold strict quality criteria for design acceptance, and designs may be rejected based on the following grounds:

Intellectual Property Compliance: Designs featuring protected intellectual property, even in parody, may face rejection. The same applies to images or names of individuals entitled to privacy rights.

Legal Use Confirmation: Houlla acts upon provided instructions without independently verifying legal use or reproduction rights. Customers are obligated to indemnify and defend Houlla against claims arising from alleged unauthorized intellectual property use.

Content Categories: Designs and/or accounts falling into categories such as illegal content, hate speech, incitement to violence, sexually explicit content, misleading or harmful content, and low-quality designs are subject to rejection.

Alignment with Corporate Values: Houlla exclusively accepts designs that align with our corporate values. Please note that all designs and content are subject to periodic revision and may be removed without prior notice.

Customer Responsibility for Sizes

Customers are exclusively responsible for their selected sizes. While Houlla may offer size suggestions, the final choice lies with the customer.

Usage of Photos and Videos

Houlla retains the right to leverage all produced items for advertising purposes, including but not limited to website, image or video advertising, and social networks. Customers are granted permission to use these photos and videos in their own capacity.

For packages lost in transit, submit claims within 3 weeks of the estimated delivery date. While our team will assist in locating your package, claims for lost packages should be directed to the carrier, not Unique Wool.

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